The RTFM Show! - Episode 3
The RTFM Show! - Episode 2
The RTFM Show! - Episode 1
Don’t let the price fool you...
Zitrolika 4 timer siden
I get ESD shock so often so I learned to grab a steel bottle and use the bottle to touch anything that is grounded. The fact is that I can see the ESD being discharged, but I don't feel anything!
T Bone
T Bone 4 timer siden
Phil, get laugh therapy please. You have to do something about that laugh bro. Unacceptable.
Joe L
Joe L 4 timer siden
I’ve got the MSI mag 274QRF-QD and it’s amazinggggg
M. Mcfly
M. Mcfly 5 timer siden
Digging the Spyderco! 😁
d houseplan
d houseplan 5 timer siden
I saved enough money to buy an RTX 3060 ti only to realize it is at least twice or trice to its SRP. So I settle myself with a used GTX 1070 hopefully could last me until gpu prices back to normal...
Akmal Mior
Akmal Mior 5 timer siden
Thank you very much Jay for your contribution
StormyWeather 5 timer siden
Is for me? 🥺 👉👈
benoit gamache
benoit gamache 5 timer siden
you could give me the card i would love it even if i am sure that would never happen lol
Joshua 5 timer siden
Did having the cooler mounted vertically give it a physics advantage? Since heat rises?
linear 5 timer siden
i cant find any cheap entry level graphics cards for less than 300 nowadays. its hard. it really is
Dtr146 5 timer siden
If they made a current gen spec smartphone with a sliding keyboard and stock Android I would buy it
Berlyn Galinato
Berlyn Galinato 5 timer siden
Guess what? out of stock *2021
TheRobMozza 5 timer siden
Rolls the dice, wish me luck!
Mark Lam
Mark Lam 5 timer siden
Jay - love the frankness and the opportunity! Keep serving the community this way - it's what I subscribe and support your channel. Thank you!
Stale Chips
Stale Chips 5 timer siden
Bro this man is the MrBeast of pc components, I think I speak for everyone when I say even if I don’t win I love what you are doing for me and my community
FlapJack 5 timer siden
I would write back Holyballs if I won
Corey S
Corey S 5 timer siden
My first cell phone was a Nokia 5160
Alpha WTG
Alpha WTG 5 timer siden
love this
August Biernbaum
August Biernbaum 5 timer siden
I ain't gonna enter since I got a 3070, but thanks man.
GhostKX 5 timer siden
this is pretty Rad! !!! good luck to all !
Charlie Edwards
Charlie Edwards 5 timer siden
Hey Jay, were you running a AMD CPU with this test? If so, did you activate SAM?
Jetah 5 timer siden
thank you Jay!
Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 5 timer siden
GTX 1080 in my rig. Think I can use an upgrade......maybe.
Andynonymous 5 timer siden
But, but I don't have a IG or Twitter account and refuse to have one..
HJS941 5 timer siden
Can people lie about their scores?
pete00078 5 timer siden
Great Video, I have been looking for a new keyboard but I am still in love with my G19. Why can't any keyboard manufacturer make a keyboard with screen anymore?, My screen always has, CPU usage, speed, temps, Ram used, Gpu usage, speed, temps memory usage, FPS, frame time. I flick across and I have my download / upload speeds. You can almost have anything in the display. Please Make a mechanical version with a Larger screen. Happy to pay for it :) Keep up the awesome vids Jay.
JoeCrypto 5 timer siden
Thank you for making this video. I literally had NO idea that you had to optimize your memory frequency in bios - I figured you stick it in there and the system automatically runs at max specs! You’re the man!
Mike M
Mike M 5 timer siden
I found Jay's channel searching for info on current graphics cards so I could help my friend's son build his 1st gaming rig. Poor timing with component availability the way it is! He's going pre-built for now. I gave him an old system to tear down. We took off the CPU cooler, cleaned everything and put new thermal paste down. he gets a little experience and a new system when it arrives. On the otherhand, I ended up finding a RTX 2080Ti XC Hydro Copper for my rig (Karma?) and referred back here for the water cooling tips. I'm waiting for my loop parts to arrive. Kudos to Jay for sharing.
FlyToha 5 timer siden
Good luck all! Jay is Ray of God's light for us :)
redtesta 6 timer siden
i would be happy to get anything. Very cool he is doing this. He is honest too.
Commander Zoomie
Commander Zoomie 6 timer siden
WARNING - skip to 3:00 minutes - save your ears ...... and your neighbors if you were listening to this on surround sound like me.... rip.
dudeperson3 6 timer siden
I'll stick with my EVGA GTX 1080 hybrid cooled and dual 1080p 60hz panels for a while.
SolidSnacksGaming 6 timer siden
2:00 minutes in crap best find some wood haha
VapOur WaV3
VapOur WaV3 6 timer siden
When the first set of winners gonna be announced?
Shaun Feldtmann
Shaun Feldtmann 6 timer siden
I mean I should probably face reality, I will not own either of these cards in the next 5 years. lol Thanks for the amazing video's you post man. I have learnt a ton from you since I started following you two years ago and none of the knowledge goes to waste. Keep up the good work sir. You really are doing the people a service.
- YNGrim -
- YNGrim - 6 timer siden
i had gotten alllll the way to the updates and when i restarted my pc and went to boot it up again the screen popped up where it said to restart and select the proper boot sequence i thought i made it the correct default boot system any help?
chris batangan
chris batangan 6 timer siden
Thank you very much! My friend & I are laughing right now! I have no more stuttering issues! Good Day!
085 SkateShop
085 SkateShop 6 timer siden
Hoping to win here in The Philippines. Thank you. :)
fattomandeibu 6 timer siden
I know I'm late to the party, but I find on low end graphics hardware, limiting the framerate to 30 will look smoother than having games running at fluctuating 40-50.
BlackDeath 6 timer siden
I'm ready to give my address now, just let me know when you want it. Good Luck to everyone entering, hope it goes to someone who really needs it
David Mourad
David Mourad 6 timer siden
The most overlooked part of a PC build... 18 mins to tell me it. No thanks. Next.
Rob Fallen
Rob Fallen 6 timer siden
WOW :o Very much appreciated! 😎 best of luck everyone and thank you for the chance!! :)
PAULUS VISUALS 6 timer siden
Your merch is DOPE! If I win, I'll be sure to scoop it all up for my fam and friends.
DefCantGame 6 timer siden
Hell as a streamer trying to find an upgrade from the 1660 cant even find a 2060 in the area
bj geelong
bj geelong 6 timer siden
Thank you for supporting your audience we are here to support and learn from you Long live Jayz TwoCents!
Tricion 6 timer siden
a few months ago I 'won' a 3k amd pc giveaway, that was worldwide according to them, but they didn't want to ship to the netherlands for some reason. I asked them to ship to france, belgium and germany. and they said they didn't want to, so someone with 2 3090s won it instead...
Tricion 6 timer siden
I have proof btw
AMerexican787 6 timer siden
So how long until Jay starts building custom cases?
FaoLOr64 6 timer siden
Quite literally the rtx 3080 sells for 150,000 pesos in my country which is enough to get a used SUV or 3 'nippa' hut houses, I have no use for an rtx 3080 since my pc is broken but best of luck to everyone
Collin Rowland
Collin Rowland 6 timer siden
I actually sold my RX 5700 XT to my friend for $400 so he could build his 1st system.
Martin XYZ
Martin XYZ 6 timer siden
Why giveaway when You can just send to me without any hustle.
Dan Sullivan
Dan Sullivan 6 timer siden
Shout out to those who have never won anything in any giveaway ever. Maybe this is the one. Lmao, good luck gents
ItsKonGaming 6 timer siden
Telekinesis is great, you can also fly with it, because you move the ground away from you lol
Sebastian G.v.G
Sebastian G.v.G 6 timer siden
Always Amazing Jayz! Good luck to all of you guys!
اسامة علي خلف E-4-3
اسامة علي خلف E-4-3 6 timer siden
Tricion 6 timer siden
very cool dude
vishal chandel
vishal chandel 6 timer siden
Huge shortage of gpu
James Edrish Co
James Edrish Co 6 timer siden
Thats Jay Two for you!
Koncept Gaming
Koncept Gaming 6 timer siden
Wow. Nice thanks for the chance to win an upgrade
Institute Benard
Institute Benard 6 timer siden
Your doing godswork right now giving away a 30 series for free.
Mwth K
Mwth K 6 timer siden
So glad this is international. I was actually planning to upgrade my PC by the end of the year and this would help out so much.
Gonçalo Silva
Gonçalo Silva 6 timer siden
Hi Jay, thank you for all the generosity you've shown to all the community you sir are a hero!
Pkurpuss PSN
Pkurpuss PSN 6 timer siden
jay your amazing!
NotExpert JP
NotExpert JP 6 timer siden
Now it’s not free
Kantor 6 timer siden
16:38 That build is cursed.
venjamin uyoa
venjamin uyoa 6 timer siden
Is this contest valid in north korea?
Curious Dolphins
Curious Dolphins 6 timer siden
Cooled and sponsored by bud light. 😂😂
Chris Wingfield
Chris Wingfield 6 timer siden
Not all heroes wear capes!!
Chris Clayton
Chris Clayton 6 timer siden
"I'm going to go black, and large." -Phil, 2020
Hadi Khan
Hadi Khan 6 timer siden
RoQe yt
RoQe yt 7 timer siden
If I win any of these cards, I'll donate all the spare parts from my system to a friend who's stuck with an even older system. Mark my words, he will get a GTX 970, an i5-8400 with mobo, and he will get the power supply, and he will get the 16GB of RAM. He's stuck on a system dating back to the AMD rx 250x GPUs, and the CPU as well. Pay it forwards!
pgabrieli 7 timer siden
yesssss! build it!
Hadi Khan
Hadi Khan 7 timer siden
Great content
j tech
j tech 7 timer siden
woot im in ill take either
Pete Fisher MUA
Pete Fisher MUA 7 timer siden
So fast
Satellite Jim
Satellite Jim 7 timer siden
I always check the comments lol
Dawid H
Dawid H 7 timer siden
Two cards given away by you are by far more than enough to make someone happy. A truly nice gesture. Good luck to everyone who entered.
StarBoy E _
StarBoy E _ 7 timer siden
Bought a prebuilt for around £900 and found out i saved money buying that then building a PC with the exact same parts..
Mogu 7 timer siden
Jay comin in clutch 😤
zubair bashir
zubair bashir 7 timer siden
Hope to get my hands on that 3080 to go with my gigabyte mobo 🤩
Jason 7 timer siden